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What is e’Pap?

e’Pap is an instant porridge. It contains the 24 micronutrients and four macronutrients which maximise absorption and bio-efficacy in the human body. It is also available in a spread and drink. Follow this link to read more.

e’Pap News

Food Science, Nutrition and Us 

Food Science, Nutrition and Us Kara Nolte (MSc) Food Scientist – e’Pap I recently had the privilege to attend the 23rd Biennial Conference hosted by the South African Association for Food Science and Technology. The theme was on Food Science and Technology for the...

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How To Read A Food Label

Labels on food products need to tell the customer and the consumer exactly what’s in that particular product. And when we say EVERTHING, we mean every single last ingredient – right down to the smallest ingredient, like we do on our e’Pap packaging. (To find out more...

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Why you need copper in your body

Copper is an essential trace mineral in your body. What this means is that you only need a tiny amount. (Chromium is another example of a trace element. Read our article to find out why you need this it.) Copper is in most organs in your body. The most is in your...

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