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e’Pap supplies many feeding schemes in various parts of Africa. One of the programmes, in which we are proud to make a difference, is the Breakfast Club at the Good Hope Seminary Junior School in Cape Town. A few weeks ago, the e’Pap team paid the school a visit.

How did the Breakfast Club start?

It’s a well-known fact that children can’t learn effectively without the proper and necessary nutrition. For example, international scholars* have shown that if a child’s diet is deficient in iron, their cognitive abilities are diminished.

Teachers at the Good Hope Seminary School recognised this because the majority of their learners travel quite far each day to get to school. By the time that they arrive, they are famished as they don’t eat or drink before they start their journey. Therefore they aren’t able to concentrate during their lessons.

It was this call to action which prompted the development of the Breakfast Club in 2016. This scheme has gone from strength to strength with improvements being seen in results over all grades over its progression and it being rolled out through the entire school.

How many children does the Breakfast Club feed?

The feeding scheme supplies a healthy breakfast of e’Pap, fruit and milk to the entire school – which is over 400 children. They do this every school morning.

Says Aletta Ashmore, of the Goodstart Trust, on why they chose e’Pap for their feeding scheme:

The reason we chose e’Pap for our learners when we set up The Breakfast Club at Good Hope Seminary Junior School was because we strongly felt those learners deserved the best food we could find for them. e’Pap ticked all the right boxes. It is super nutritious, super easy to prepare in our school setting for over 400 children each school morning, and super delicious. It is the best food for us.

Just as it is their goal to benefit young minds, so is it their goal to improve the land. The mission of the Breakfast Club is to recycle and reuse everything that they use. For example, they hook big baler bags behind doors and use to dispose of all the rubbish that is generated from making the morning e’Pap. e’Pap is excited to be part of such an initiative which crafts the future of our population and earth.

What is e’Pap?

e’Pap is a pre-cooked porridge powder. It is made from wholegrain maize and soya bean with vitamins and minerals added in a form that the body can absorb and use.

Consumers can be assured that through e’Pap, they receive the benefits of inherent nutrients from maize and soy, and that their bodies use up to 90% of the micronutrients that has been added. There are not many products on the market today that can boast both of these benefits.

What makes our product so unique is that it addresses the dual challenge of micronutrient deficiencies in food while – at the same time – making it affordable for different walks of life. For example, e’Pap delivers 24 important micronutrients that people need, on a daily basis, at a realistic cost.

It is e’Pap’s aim to end the pandemic of hidden hunger which is a lack of micronutrients due to mono diets based on foods stripped from its inherent nutrients, or foods that are not nutrient dense. Effective nutrition does not need to be a luxury that only the well-to-do can afford. We want it to be accessible for all who choose food that contributes to nutrient status.Ask us more about this if you are interested.

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