facebook_1486971003609Dear John

Thank you for taking on the e’Pap challenge with us! You ate e’Pap for a month to raise money to feed the children in two deaf schools in the north of Burundi. Your efforts are remarkable. Every bit helps us on our e’Pap mission to enable 100million children in Africa to become nutrient replete. We are ambitious, but with your support and the support of others like you, people are empowered to choose.

From the team here in South Africa, thank you for being a part of our vision!
The e’Pap Team

For more information on how you can take part in our e’Pap vision and mission, contact info@epap.co.za, www.epap.co.za

John’s donation bought supplies from an e’Pap supplier in Tanzania. Aline Berahino, a deaf teacher who works with deaf children in Burundi, helped to get the e’Pap porridge across the border to the children.


Aline thanks John for his contribution:

Hello John
we want tell u millions thanks for e’Pap I already done and students like it so much and they send u thanks and they asked me where I have found them because of yummy. By the way I would love more epaps for give others students up in Burundi if you guys agree. Me I am Aline Berahino deaf girl I would love to support us again we need learning more different materials example like tailor and make new from different culture this help them a lot.

Thank once again
Aline Berahino

This is not all that John has done to help enable the e’Pap mission. Hear it from John himself:

‘For 30 days I ate nothing but a small amount of e’Pap 25-50 gms maximum each day. To try and mimic in my own way the kind of diet a young child would have to exist on, plus quantify the impact positive or adverse on myself.

 I attended at the local gym, every day and kept a record via a spreadsheet of my physical activities recording weight general feeling of well-being and times recorded on every piece of apparatus.

The results were quite remarkable, rather than feeling lethargic lightheaded hungry, as I had anticipated, as the month went on my energy levels increased my weight hardly fluctuated but it was in the gym tests that the real evidence started to build to the point where I felt as if I had limitless energy.

My times on apparatus got quicker and I can honestly say at the end of the month I felt as fit as I had done many years ago when amongst other things I was a serious long distance runner.

I started to understand how the daily use of e’Pap could not only improve and save the lives of countless people across Africa, but also across the Globe.

Burundi has been classified as the Hungriest Country in the World by most, and I know the political challenges and instability had made it virtually impossible for Basil to reach Burundians with e’Pap.

Next on my list is Malawi. Anything which raises the profile of the work of Basil and Rose can only help the cause of making e’Pap a Global choice for those in most need.

I am only desperately sad that Basil could not be here to work with me on future projects.

I will do my best to make as many people aware of e’Pap in the time I have left.

Kind regards
John Sugden
Driffield East Yorkshire England.’

Wow. Thank you again from the e’Pap team in South Africa. It is people like you, John who help us make this all happen.

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