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The e’Pap Science Page


e’Pap is a pre cooked porridge powder made from whole grain maize and soya bean, with vitamins and minerals added in a form that the body can absorb and use.

e’Pap contains: Maize, Soya (allergen), Sugar, Salt, Flavoring, Lecithin, Nucleotides, TBHQ (Anti- oxidant), Stevia (non-nutritive natural sweetener), minerals and vitamins.

No added synthetic sweeteners, no artificial colorants and no preservatives are used. Free of wheat gluten and lactose.

The main ingredients in e’Pap–wholegrain maize and soybean–are rich in natural nutrients such as Omega fatty acids. The added minerals and vitamins that fortify e’Pap are used to maximize biological absorption to the body. Additives are sourced from the leading international nutritional technology companies.

to Use

The e’Pap porridge powder is simply mixed with clean cool or warm water and the meal is ready.

No cooking means no electricity, firewood or other fuel is required.

Alternatively the porridge powder can be mixed with milk, fermented milk, fruit juice or made into a e’Smoothie health drink with fruit, yoghurt, honey, nuts, etc. according to taste

Dry powder can be sprinkled over other foods. Some children eat e’Pap as a sweet treat, simply by dipping a finger!

Feeding Portion

Adults and children over 6 years – 50 grams (4 table spoons each) per day

Children 12 months to 6 years – 25 grams (2 table spoons each) per day.

For extremely malnourished people, serve two portions per day for 3 weeks to catch up the nutritional back log, then maintain as above.  Eat as balanced a diet as is affordable.


Cooking is not necessary. Do not boil, as heat sensitive vitamins will be destroyed. Can be used in low temperature short cooking cycles e.g. for making pancakes and muffins.

Not suitable for baby feeding. Breast milk is best.  Feed the pregnant or breast feeding mother.

Wash hands and utensils before handling.

Storage: Store below 25°C and keep in a dry, dark, cool place. Check the sell-by date before storing in order to use oldest stock first.

e'Pap Nutritional Information

The key issue is not just what is listed on a food label, but more importantly – whether those nutrients are biologically absorbed by the body.


The main goal of e’Pap is to help create a nutrient replete human being – this is a conditionin which the body works well.  We address ‘hidden hunger’ (micro nutrient defecincies).

Modern agriculture and food processors tend to remove micro nutrients from food.  That is why e’Pap is necessary.

Our challenge was to innovate a nutrient-dense food matrix with the following qualities:

  • Must contain many important essential nutrients missing from what we call a ‘healthy well balanced diet
  • Must be affordable, easy to use, tasty
  • Must be presented as a single-step portion of real food
  • Must contain the most absorbable nutritional supplements available
  • Must be carefully balanced so that nutrients do not ‘block’ or conflict with each other


The unique formulation of e’Pap therefore includes –

  • Latest nutritional technology –  e’Pap pioneered the use of ‘state of the art’ nutritional chemistry to deliver the 28 micro and macronutrients in affordable food. Unique to e’Pap is a form that maximises bio efficacy and absorption in the body. Until now this form of nutritional chemistry or ‘nutroceutical’ has only been accessible to the wealthy, in the form of expensive brands of ‘multivitamin’ tablets.


  • To supply the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of essential Macro/Micro and trace nutrients – Important nutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A are all delivered at 100% of the RDA . Where people eat an unbalanced diet of refined cereal this is especially important.
  • Pre-cooked for effectiveness – The product had to be pre-cooked in a process that retains the nutrient value. An instant-mix product ensures that these unstable nutrients are not destroyed in preparation by the user. Importantly also, the food is easy, quick and convenient to prepare by children, sick or frail people with little home care support.


Click on the relevant tab to find out more about that ingredient

Optimum Calcium

Optimum Calcium – Lower levels than RDA are used in e’Pap because too much calcium in the wrong form will inhibit absorption of many other micro/trace mineral elements in the same food matrix.

Important Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency has serious consequences but particularly for our children. It is known as the ‘anti-viral nutrient’ and is also critical for child growth. Deficiency in vitamin A is the main cause of night blindness, bitot spots on the eye, etc. Cooking Vitamin A will denature it as it is sensitive to heat and light.

Added IRON

Our advisors refer to the nutrient iron as the “gold of the body”. We add the full current Government standard RDA in the form of easily absorbed.  The phytates in a cereal-based maize diet inhibit the absorption into the body of inorganic iron and zinc. Iron deficiency is a major threat to overall health and the ability of children to learn and concentrate.

NB: Over 37% of children under the age of 5 in southern Africa suffer iron deficiency anaemia. In the poorest areas, this percentage is much higher. WHO figures show that over 3.5 billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency. An unnecesary blight.

Added ZINC

We add the full RDA level of zinc because it is a common deficiency. It too may be called the ‘gold of the body’. Zinc is required for over 200 enzymatic processes and is critical to all nutrient processes. For example, natural insulin produced by the body cannot be stored without zinc. A single molecule of zinc is able to store 3 molecules of insulin in the body, to be used when required.

NB: According to WHO figures, over 2 billion people worldwide now suffer zinc nutrient deficiencies. The reason zinc deficiency is found on such a large scale in Africa is because absorption of zinc is also inhibited by a high levels of phytates in a maize diet.


We add the full current RDA of iodine because leaching of iodine from the soil has resulted in lack of iodine becoming a major health threat. In South Africa alone, over 160,000 children each year are born mentally challenged because of iodine deficiency.

Selected Trace Minerals

There are no RDA levels for many of the trace-minerals, but the nutrients we add to e’Pap include copper, selenium, chromium, molybdenum and manganese. These small quantities of micronutrients are often left out of fortification programs and accumulate as a serious deficiency for many people.


  • Copper – The copper in e’Pap is critical to a number of nutritional processes. Copper helps maintain collagen for the flexibility of artery walls and skin. Copper therefore could help reduce skin cracking and improve heart health. The largest organ of the immune system is the skin and so maintaining skin elasticity is as important as the use of condoms.
  • Selenium in the right form is important in helping the body fight off many diseases.
  • Chromium is added to assist the liver’s metabolic function and to reduce craving for sweetness, in particular refined sugar. There is much clinical evidence of serious health and educational damage caused by high sugar consumption. Apart from obesity, effects include blocking the absorption of nutrients, thus impairing of the immune function.
Useable Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

The manufacturers of e’Pap have developed a unique cooking process for both the soybean and whole maize, in order to help preserve the natural fatty acids present in both ingredients. Whole maize and soya are rich in fatty acids, which are essential to the growth and brain development of young children. Most refiners of maize and soya remove the fatty acid component because it turns rancid with time and reduces the shelf life of a product. The removed fats are then sold as vegetable oil by-products.

More Important e’Pap Science Facts

Mimic Food State nutrient technology

Based on our understanding of the chemical interactions between minerals and vitamins and bioavailability and absorption function in the duodenum in the digestive tract, we have chosen two unique pieces of breakthrough technology to overcome the technical challenges raised in the manufacture of such a dense food matrix.

It is our view that these mimicked food state technologies are of critical importance in achieving our formulation objective: to supply a product that effectively addresses micronutrient deficiencies.  All that is important is what gets absorbed by the body.

Ongoing product evaluation

ISO22000 Food Safety standards are maintained to ensure e’Pap is produced accurately. Nutrient blends are manufactured by our suppliers under the SABS approved processes. SANAS approved laboratories are used for analysis. Test results confirm that our unique production proceses are efficient and consistent blending of the nutrients throughout the bulk product. Annual internal and external audits are conducted.  e’Pap is also certified Halaal and Kosher.


Every sachet is batch stamped and recorded on sale. This allows us to trace every bale sold and also to do an audit to raw materials should it be required. Samples of every batch are kept and regular analysis is carried out on key nutrients as well as bacterial counts.

Why Use e’Pap?

Because human beings need foods which contain nutrients that are absorbed by the body.

e’Pap contains these nutrients in carefully balanced quantities. e’Pap thus provides a proven, effective and inexpensive solution to ‘hidden hunger’.

With any vitamin or mineral additive, the form of the nutrient determines how it is absorbed by the body. Absorption is of the first importance, as illustrated in the diagram below.

Even More Reasons to use e'Pap

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