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We at e’Pap Technologies are prepared to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of good bio-available nutrition with any NGO committed to make a sustainable positive change on our planet.

We believe it would be a great step forward for sustainable development if NGO’s would support locally developed nutritional initiatives and technologies that are able to mobilize local production supporting local agricultural programs that help create food security.  We believe that humanitarian interventions would be more effective if they utilized local expertise and understandings, local innovations and local intellectual capacity in a respectful relationship so that together we can win our fight to make poverty history.

We have many NGO’s across the continent who have used e’Pap nutrition in their programs with great success.  Many require funding for e’Pap nutrition to get it urgently on the ground for people in their care who are desperate for this support.  We would welcome putting you in direct contact with these NGO’s if you would like to help.

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