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Why chromium is important for you

Chromium is a ‘trace’ element in your diet. What this means is that you only need a tiny amount of it to benefit from it. We don’t often hear about what chromium does. This is why we thought that we’d write an article about chromium. The health benefits of this...

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e’Pap plays its part in education

  e’Pap supplies many feeding schemes in various parts of Africa. One of the programmes, in which we are proud to make a difference, is the Breakfast Club at the Good Hope Seminary Junior School in Cape Town. A few weeks ago, the e’Pap team paid the school a visit....

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Maize And Maize Farming – The Ugly Truth

Dr. Basil Kransdorff of e’Pap Technology looks at how most processed maize is made for profit, NOT for nutritional value, and how our government is NOT tackling the root cause of our food crisis. #MalnutritionMustFall Nature creates food in a way that supports our...

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