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What is e’Pap made of?

e’Pap is made from wholegrain maize and soya beans. Vitamins are added into the mixture in a form that the body can easily absorb. The team behind e’Pap is proud that our formulation is rich in Omega fatty acids. Additives are sourced from leading international nutritional technology companies.

How do you prepare e’Pap?

Preparing e’Pap is very easy. All you need to do is mix it with clean water – cool or warm water will do. Don’t boil e’Pap as this will take out all e’Pap’s goodness. You can still use e’Pap to make pancakes or bake muffins. You can also mix your e’Pap with milk, fruit juice or fermented milk. Why not make an eSmoothie with e’Pap, fruit, fermented dairy, honey and nuts?

Here’s a demonstration of how to prepare e’Pap:

What are the recommended e’Pap portion sizes?

Everyone needs a different amount of e’Pap on a daily basis. Most people need only one portion a day with the exception being extremely malnourished people who need two portions a day until they become better nourished. They’d then go onto one portion.
Adults and children over six need 50g – or four tablespoons – of e’Pap per day. Children between 12 months and six years old need 25g (or two tablespoons) daily.
* Water is also a macro-nutrient but it is added to the meal.

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